Comments of the Week 37: In a Row?

Bye-bye, Brady

Hey there Sports Fans. It’s a new Comments of the Week following a great Super Bowl Sunday. It was a close game but the Eagles actually beat the Patriots and thus a little bit of hope for humanity was restored. While we may all be divided on many topics nowadays, we can all at least agree watching Tom Brady pout is universally enjoyable.

So, here’s your latest serving of comments.

ooktar: It’s like Time Crisis but you have to review games in less than a minute.

ooktar: No, they put the Azz in Final Fantazzy.

ooktar: You should feel like a Monster for that pun.


 ooktar: All the girls at the local titty bar have those same names.

ooktar: Still too robotic-looking.

ooktar: To cock is to Dtoid.

ooktar: I mean, she’s no Lulu but she’s cool.

ooktar: This game made my money travel.

ooktar: Tonight we Dance, For the Motherland!


ooktar: My grandpa passed away because I couldn’t keep paying for his medication after I renewed my PS Plus subscription.

ooktar: That’s arguably two too many.

ooktar: Well it looks like Destiny 2, smells like Destiny 2, and tastes like Destiny 2…good thing I didn’t step in it.

ooktar: I know better than that. He just wants in the box.

ooktar: Please don’t give EA more ideas.


 ooktar: I’m picturing something like Dante’s Inferno, but sexier.

ooktar: People who hate boobs are as vile as people that think hot dogs are sandwiches.

ooktar: I just wanted to make sure these got featured for preservation. (I told you I’d remember, Tree.)

ooktar: Something to remember for when I have kids, which, if all goes according to plan, will be never.

ooktarIn the dictionary next to “Heresy” they have this picture.

ooktar: It definitely doesn’t make it a hot dog.


ooktar: Congrats to JuIc3 for joining the Dtoid Daddy’s Club. Your customary bath robe and slippers should arrive shortly.

ooktar: I just like picturing a bunch of babies wearing these.

ooktar: Look, Zach, A face… in the coffee.

That’s all for this week. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition. As always, keep on commenting and if you didn’t make it just remember you’re not as big of losers as the Patriots are. Remember to check back in next week, of course.

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