Comments of the Week 36: Puppy Love

Year of the Dog

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As everyone back in the quickposts may have noticed, my wife and I recently got a new puppy. New year, new me that likes dogs, and all that. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from wagging through all of your comments to pick out the most well-behaved ones to adopt for this Comments of the Week.

Let’s go!

Jumanji is set to outsell every superhero movie released last year

Gmana: Nailed it (everyone wishes).

Review: The Inpatient

Gmana: High praise, usually he’s only impressed by his toilet seat.

One kid already had the Nintendo Labo concept down pat last year

Gmana: It was easy when they used the kid’s uncle to do it.

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka joins Square Enix

Gmana: But the game development will not go fast.

The new God of War is out on 4/20

Gmana: Dad of War already has Labo pre-ordered for his kid.

The creator of Downwell is now working at Nintendo

Gmana: I always wondered who put those kids down the well…

Review: Lost Sphear

Gmana: I guess they couldn’t Sealeo the deal.

Metroidvania roguelite Dead Cells coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Gmana: You make it look so easy.

Atlanta-based brewing company creates beer inspired by Zelda

Gmana: I knew that Chateau Romani milk tasted funny…

Gmana: Nintendo: “Hold my beer.”

The NFL, EA, and ESPN sign deal for Madden esports broadcast series

Gmana: I don’t understand these sportsball references but they seemed funny and topical within the past few years.

Review: The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Gmana: Meh-ze Bummer: The Insomnia Cure. A-maze-ing team effort!

Nintendo airs first commercial in Taiwan in roughly a decade to push the Switch

Gmana: They really want people Taipei money for their products.

Review: The Inpatient

Gmana: Thanks, Obamacare.

Quickpost by Gus TT Showbiz

Gmana: Pun of the Week, now with bonus puns!

Quickpost by kevlarmonkey

Gmana: The most important thing.

Quickpost by absolutfreak

Gmana: Congratulations, we always believed in you!

Quickpost by ZombieC0RPS

Gmana: Glad you’ve gotten so much support, and best wishes to your dad and your family!

Quickpost by GetNekKid

Gmana: Is this what it means to Git Gud?

Quickpost by Dere

Gmana: …and I’ll just leave you with that image.

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