Comments of the Week 26: Stress Test

I am Error

I don’t have much to say this week. As we hurtle towards the end of the year and work, school, family, friends, life, and everything else all simultaneously become more hectic and overwhelming, please remember to play plenty of video games and take your weekly dose of Comments of the Week.

Let’s go!

Man jerks off on Pornhub to fund the videogame spaceship of his dreams

Gmana: Oh yes.

You’re looking at a hefty grind to unlock each hero in Star Wars Battlefront II

Gmana: Millenials, am I right?

Japan’s Splatfest results are lacking bitterness

Gmana: No amount of lemonade could possibly fix this!

Bizarre Super Mario Odyssey glitch allows Cappy to kill Mario

Gmana: It’s really something you Odyssey.

Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Gmana: I went by G-man, myself. The G stood for “Go home, you’re drunk. You don’t actually want this.”

Gmana: It’s a Sith legend. EA were Dark Lords of the Sith, so powerful and so conniving they could use their acquired brands and IP’s to influence the pockets of naive consumers to keep spending money with their dads’ credit cards on lootboxes…they had such a knowledge of the dark side that they could even keep the ones hesitant on spending real money to submit by adding restrictions to their game’s content.

EA will be holding an AMA on Reddit about Star Wars Battlefront II tomorrow

Gmana: Nothing is wrong, everything is permitted!

ARMS’ 4.0 update introduces Misango to the battle

Gmana: As soon as you capture him, he infects you and slowly destroys you from the inside out.

Hollow Knight’s Switch port pushed back to 2018

Gmana: I’ve played enough Kingdom Hearts to know where this is going.

There could be a Super Mario movie from the Despicable Me and Minions studio

Gmana: Sounds like you’ve got a friend in him.

Nintendo of Europe is going to be cracking down on street date breaking

Gmana: There is probably fan art of it too.

Review: Pokemon Ultra Moon

Gmana: Trainer Squad vs. Pocket Monstars. Welcome to the Jam, Nebby!

Blizzard teases the possibility of an Overwatch movie

Gmana: And the stereotypical Asian character will be played by Genji.

ARMS’ 4.0 update introduces Misango to the battle

Gmana: With tears running down their eyes…from the poison.

Quickpost by Gus TT Showbiz

Gmana: Pun of the Week!

Quickpost by Dere

Gmana: …and CranDerey Sauce…

Quickpost by Flanx

Gmana: This shit is aaas, -A–A–A-S!

Quickpost by TheLimoMaker

Gmana: Our patron saint of COTW graces us with his presence.

Quickpost by GetNekKid

Gmana: I can hear ZombZ squealing with joy from here.

Blizzard dunks on EA and Star Wars: Battlefront II in promoting Starcraft II’s move to free-to-play

Gmana: We’ll give you the full story to these comments when you’ve grinded up to level 40.

That’s all for this week! Super-ultra-mega-thanks to FPT, who actually ghostwrote at least half of the responses this week while I had massive writer’s block!