Comments of the Week 16: The Next Best Thing

Second best is just first worst

Hello there guys and gals, it’s your resident Nintendo lovechild Gmana here bringing you another round of Comments of the Week!

There are laughs, there are tears. Actually, wait, there are no tears, only laughs.

Please read the blog, I swear you won’t cry!

Review: Last Day of June

Gmana: It’s like calling your baby April and having her being born in November

Fans clamour for Overwatch’s mysterious Junker Queen

Gmana: I hate that film so much.

Gmana: Pics or it didn’t happen. 

Need a cure for that Mother itch? Reverie might be the answer


Nintendo’s official profile on Mario says he is no longer a plumber

Gmana: How old was Bob Hoskins again?

Gmana: Has Mario ever worked as a Key Master? 

Review: Knack 2

Gmana: I mean, Knack 2 is as mediocre as most Sonic titles.

Gmana: Knack is now as ironically awful as the Bee Movie.

Gmana: Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow?

Ubisoft Montreal holding live presser for ‘biggest announcement’

Gmana: With an even worse movie!

Lego Worlds gets a new Switch icon following backlash

Gmana: Is The Orc King Chris the sequel to Troll and I?

Review in progress: Destiny 2

Gmana: I’d say 1.8.

One developer is attempting to archive the entirety of Miiverse

Gmana: Me too, kid…me too.

Dragon Ball FighterZ character video series starts with Goku

Gmana: Only way it could be better is if Child Goku was a playable character.

Gmana: We need to have at least five more “power-up” episodes.

Animal Farm is getting a game…no, really


Okami HD likely headed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Gmana: My body is ready!

Monolith says Shadow of War’s end fight won’t suck

Gmana: Please buy the game. #NotSponsored

Gmana: Why not buy a lootbox for another lootbox?

Here is a closer look at Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s pre-order costumes

Gmana: Back in my day, Capcom made good Street Fighter games.

Gmana: This prints money.

Gmana: Twitter is really good if you ignore it entirely.

Gmana: I mean, why not?

Gmana: That got dark real quick.

Gmana: I am so sorry for the loss of your soul.

Gmana: Food for thought.

Gmana: Who?

Gmana: Party until you drop!

Gmana: The best waifu.

Gmana: Not getting this would make you inept…hehe.

Gmana: The important things.

Gmana: F*** Konami.

Gmana: I have a juicy flavour for you.

Gmana: Make sure you use protection.

Gmana: A pun to brighten your day!

Gmana: Thought I’d leave this here to show how much I support Gaj. You’ll get it buddy!

So that’s it from me here, folks. Though I do have something to admit, that crossed out header-image isn’t an accident; in fact it’s not even Gmana who’s been hosting this blog!

Unfortunately some personal stuff came up so Gmana had to take a week off and I had to step in and take over for him.

Who was hosting you this week then you ask?