Come watch Xbox’s E3 press conference with us!

Let’s get the skinny on Scorpio

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Of all the E3 press conferences, Xbox’s is the biggest uncertainty. We’ve been teased with Project Scorpio for a year now, and it’s time to finally learn all the specifics about this new Xbox. It’ll almost certainly live up to its claim of “most powerful console ever” but it remains to be seen if that’ll be a game-changer in Microsoft’s favor.

The other big question mark concerns Xbox’s portfolio of upcoming games. While it’s clear that Scorpio will be the headliner at this presser, the popular consensus is that Xbox needs to make a real splash with its game announcements.

Of the three big platform-holders, Xbox is in the most unique position. It could either steal the show or it could end up being the biggest disappointment. Anything’s on the table.

Join us as we watch Xbox’s future unfold over the course of the next 90 or so minutes. The presentation starts at 2pm Pacific, 30 minutes from when this post goes live. As always, your reactions are welcomed in the comments below.

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