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COD Warzone player proves all you need to win is a car

Don't bring a gun to a car fight.

While much of the Warzone community sets out to find the best meta loadouts each season, one intuitive player discovered you don’t need a weapon to find success.

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Warzone’s Season 4 update established a clear-cut meta. Most players use some combination of the Kar98k, Superi 46, Kastov 762, or FJX Horus. Raven Software acknowledged the discrepancy and confirmed that the Kar98k will receive a nerf in Season 4 Reloaded. Based on the Battle Pass, the mid-season update is expected to go live on June 26, 2024. In the meantime, players will still have to quiver in fear over getting killed in one shot by the overpowered sniper rifle.

Despite the Kar98k, among a small group of other weapons currently dominating the battle royale, they are all rendered useless when going up against a car bearing down on them at full speed. A Warzone player claimed that cars are the new meta after posting a clip of themselves taking down an entire team of four by running them over with a UTV.

While chased by the UTV, the enemy team threw everything and the kitchen sink at the driver. All four players desperately fired at the vehicle and unsuccessfully used a bunker buster. One of the users had the right idea and got high ground on a rock and rained down a barrage of bullets. But even that wasn’t enough, as the driver ramped up the slope and launched the last man standing 50 feet into the air to their demise.

Anyone who has a chance to watch this crazy highlight should take it as a lesson to start carrying around thermite grenades or C4 to counter elusive vehicles. So until a Kar98k Nerf goes live, hop into a vehicle and turn the tables on them in an offensive maneuver nobody could see coming.

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