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CoD fans slam ’embarrassingly low effort’ Fallout crossover skins

They're not impressed.

Activision has followed the patch of Fortnite in recent years, teaming up with other gaming franchises to bring their skins to Call of Duty. On June 20, Warzone and MW3 received a set of four Fallout-themed Operator outfits, which fans have labeled “low effort.”

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With Microsoft now the owner of both Bethesda and Activision, it was only a matter of time before we saw links form between the two. That’s come in the form of the four Operator skins, featuring Modern Warfare characters Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz.

The cosmetics see the four characters dressed in the classic Vault Dweller outfits, the blue and gold jumpsuit that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played the game or watched the Amazon series. The drop hasn’t gone down well with fans though, who have criticized the lack of creativity.

Fallout and Call of Duty keyart, with characters wearing blue and gold jumpsuits
Fans are not impressed. Image via Activision

“Talk about low effort. They just copy-pasted the heads of the four main cast onto basically four identical bodies,” wrote punchrockchest on Reddit. “First, using the main cast was a bad call. Second, having the heads in their full military appearance and then blue pajamas isn’t a great look. Third, why not have someone from the Fallout show or game? Fourth, why have only the Vault suits? There are tons of iconic suits and characters used rather than four identical outfits.”

Kastles1 agreed, stating: “I was going to say the licensing deal probably caused it to be like this and then I thought about it and technically the same company that owns Call of Duty owns Fallout. No reason why we couldn’t get something better than what we got.”

Steampunk22 was particularly frustrated, asking: “How can anyone in good conscience support this game? This is embarrassingly low effort,” while DayDreamerJon called them “terrible and low effort,” asking why there were no Ghoul, Super Mutant, or Power Armor skins.

While this set is disappointing to some, there is a chance that this is just the beginning, and we’ll get more Fallout-themed cosmetics further down the road. For now, though, players are not impressed, and I doubt many will be giving up the Nuka Cola Caps for this set.

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