Clannad studio Key reveals anemoi as next romance visual novel

My emotions are blinding.


Get ready for another rollercoaster of emotions, because the next full romance visual novel from Clannad and Kanon developer Key has been announced. 

The studio’s new game is titled anemoi (via Gematsu) and so far we know some of the main staff members behind it. Kai is directing and writing the scenario, with Yuu Nijima, Hasama, and Shun Sayuki joining in on writing duties. Kai has worked on a bunch of Key projects, including scenario writing for Clannad, Air, and Kud Wafter, among others. Shinji Orito is the music producer, while Na-Ga, Humuyun, Yuunon Nagayama, and Ao Kimishima are handling key animation. 

Many of the details for anemoi have yet to be divulged, including release date and platforms. We’ll know more soon, though, because an announcement stream is set to go live on November 17 starting at 7:00 p.m. Japan Time. While we wait, you can check out a brief teaser below.

The key to your heart

Key has been working in the visual novel space since 1999, and has released titles both with and without adult content. The studio’s first two works, Kanon and Air, both originally launched as adult games, while games like Clannad aimed for a wider audience from the outset. Many of their works also made the leap to anime and manga adaptations over the years. Since the teaser video doesn’t offer much outside of a lightly animated visual, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of notes anemoi plans to hit. 

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