Civilization VI settles on iPad today at a discounted price

The world is yours

New frontiers ahoy for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. After spending the past year or so on PC, Mac, and Linux, the renowned 4X strategy game is coming to a more mobile format (if we ignore the invention of laptops, of course.)

Today, Civ VI is available on newer iPad models. The exhaustive list of compatible Apple tablets is: iPad Air 2, the 2017 model of iPad, and any iPad Pro. Also, it has to run iOS 11. That’s the equipment you need before you even think about the cultural nirvana you want to create.

To help ease the resource burden, 2K is launching Civ VI at a discounted rate. Through January 4, the iOS version will be $30; afterward, it jumps back to the regular $60 price. For those unsure folks, the free 60-turn demo is in effect — although you can’t accomplish a whole heck of a lot in 60 turns. And, for anyone concerned about storage, this takes up 3.14GB of space.

It’s probably also worth noting that this is only the base game without any of the expansions. So those extra civilizations like the Vikings and the Aztecs aren’t included. But, it’s still an important development leading up to Civ VI‘s Rise and Fall add-on releasing next February. Chalk this one up as a victory.

Brett Makedonski
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