Civ Revolution and Warriors Orochi 2 playable at London Expo: Dtoid incoming

The London MCM Expo is a mixed bag. This annual celebration of all things geeky may not be especially big, glamorous or full of neat things, but it’s all we have in the UK and there are at least lots of toys. As such, I found it quite refreshing (if scary) to stand among the cosplayers and Eye of Judgment cards at last year’s event, where I got hands-on Dynasty Warriors 6 thanks to my friends at Koei.

Koei will be back in full force this year, with the promise of playable Warriors Orochi 2. This game is becoming highly anticipated news for Koei fans, as it looks to be the most complete and content-packed Warriors game yet. Along with the titles featured last year, Koei is also bringing Soul Nomad and Opoona for the European public to get their first taste, though I’m not sure the latter two will be playable. 

Of course, the news for non-Koei fans is that Civilization Revolution will also be there, along with some of the “characters” from the game, including Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth and Abraham Lincoln. While they’re at it, 2K Games will also be offering the chance to win a PlayStation 3. 

I will be attending (on Koei’s guest list, of course) where I will get some hands-on time with any new stuff I can find. Also, if it’s anything like last year, I look forward to once again buying the world’s most expensive bottle of Fanta and accidentally watching an episode of Naruto. If anyone’s attending the show, scheduled for May 24 – 25 at the ExCel center, let me know and I’ll see you there. You know where to find me.

Jim Sterling