Citizens! The Eternal General graces you with a Call of Duty 4 review!

Take heed of the word of the great Kim Jong Il! After successfully returning from a campaign against the traitors to the South, the Eternal General has graced the world with his review of Call of Duty 4. The video you watch is actually very humble — Kim Jong Il used his powers to invoke the spirit of Kim Il Sung for a game of multiplayer. The answer should be obvious who the winner was.

In consolation for the game recieving its rating, the North Korean state has decided to send Infinity Ward and Activision bouquets of Kimilsungias and Kimjongilias. May they bring a glorious feeling to those who work at the offices, and remind them that Call of Duty 5 should re-enact the Korean War, from the perspective of the North Koreans. Then, all the Korean people can feel joy in assassinating Syngman Rhee.