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Citizen Sleeper gets final free DLC episode and hits PlayStation this month

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Wake up, Sleeper. There’s one last piece of free DLC on the way. Citizen Sleeper gets its third free DLC episode on March 30, just one day ahead of its launch on PlayStation consoles.

Jump Over the Age’s narrative RPG Citizen Sleeper was released last year, and has made its way to most other platforms alongside its DLC rollout. On March 31, both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners will get a chance to check it out as well.

For those who already own Citizen Sleeper, March 30 will mark the third free DLC episode’s launch date. Dubbed “Episode 3: Purge,” it’s set to bring a conclusion to the refugee flotilla plot line introduced in this string of post-launch updates. These episodes are free updates for owners of the game, and will arrive packed in with the PlayStation versions.

Wake up Sleeper

If you haven’t checked out Citizen Sleeper yet, or just need a good excuse for another run, this is a solid reason. I haven’t dipped back in yet to see just how the new episodes are rolled into the full experience, but now that the plot line’s concluded, I’m feeling a bit tempted.

Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG that draws hefty inspiration from tabletop games. As a Sleeper, an artificial body with a copied consciousness on the run from corporate overlords, you have to survive day-by-day on Erlin’s Eye, a station on the fringes of settled space. Though it starts as a race against the clock, it swiftly becomes a story about community, history, and how people support each other.

It’s a really incredible game, one I felt confident in naming as one of my favorites of 2022. Whether you’re a new Sleeper on the Eye or returning for another run, there will be some new stories waiting for you later this month.

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