Circuit City laughs in the face of street dates, sells Rock Band

I may or may not have gotten my Rock Band review kit yet (I’ll let you know if I did on November 19!), but we know someone who has! Destructoid reader AltDelete wrote in to let us know that he has it, and you don’t … thanks to Circuit City:

I went to my local Circuit City (1670 East Camelback Road, in Phoenix) to pick up Super Mario Galaxy, and lo and behold I saw boxes for Rock Band! I grabbed one for myself, and took some unboxing pictures. If you’re in the area, give them a call and see if any are left!

I know, I know — pictures or it didn’t happen. He sent those in, too. So who’s jealous, and why aren’t you on the phone with your local Circuit City right this second? Congratulations, AltDelete, you’re famous … and now jealous gamers hate you, too!

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