Cicada becomes Tettix, music remains awesome

Those with long memories may recall that last year I conducted an interview with the very talented Judson Cowan, otherwise known as Cicada. If you’ve never checked out his music, make sure you do, because he deserves his gamer fanbase. This man’s videogame-inspired tracks are very well crafted, and the non-game stuff is just as good.

Unfortunately, being an indie musician who gives his work away for free doesn’t lead to much power in the music world, and the man known as Cicada has had to change his moniker thanks to a UK band of the same name becoming quite big. Cicada is now known as Tettix, and you can check out his stuff here.

Maybe this post is just me bigging up an awesomely cool guy because I can, but if you’ve never heard Tettix’s work, I highly suggest you do so. He’s in it for the music, and demands not one thin dime for his work. Go support a friend of Dtoid — all you gotta do is listen.

Jim Sterling