Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain screens have facts

Well, it’s about two years too late to really be timely with the whole Chuck Norris meme, but Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain for the iPhone is finally about to get a release. The game, which for some reason we failed to tell you about when it was first announced, is a sidescrolling brawler in which you play as none other than Chuck Norris. In the game Chuck Norris is sent to the jungles of Cambodia to save a group of prisoners from communists. Damn commies.

Of course the infamous “Chuck Norris Facts” will be making their way into the game, as you can see from the first screens of the game below having them plastered above each screenshot. You’ll also be able to take a photo of yourself and your friends and put their heads onto enemy bodies. Then you can beat up yourself with a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick into yesterday. So is the Chuck Norris factor drawing you in or have you moved onto the next internet joke?

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