Chrom and Robin are coming to Fire Emblem Engage this week

Multiverse of madness

We’re almost at Wave 3 of the season pass for Fire Emblem Engage, and wow, that time has just flown by.

As revealed in the February Nintendo Direct, Hector, Soren, Camilla, Chrom, Robin, and Veronica are all coming to the game in spirit form. Chrom and Robin happen to be the newest kids on the block, and they actually launch on March 8. Thanks to the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account, we have some footage of what that meeting actually looks like, and how the pair operate in battle.

You really can’t go wrong with releasing all-star former series cast members as DLC, I have to say. Although not every facet of the fandom is going to be thrilled with “X or Y” inclusion, you’re going to hit some superfans, and dropping them in duos is a great way to split the difference. So far the character DLC has been a great appetizer for the main course. About that!

What’s next for Fire Emblem Engage DLC?

As a reminder, Wave 4 is the big one. That includes the Fell Xenologue chapter, which is a new story sequence.

Most of the other DLC takes place in the Divine Paralogue islands, which is the core DLC destination.

Meeting Chrom and Robin in Fire Emblem Engage

Chrom and Robin combat footage

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