Choose vulgar or mum in the new Jay and Silent Bob co-op beat-’em-up

Chasing Gamey

Kevin Smith made something of a media empire out of two side characters from 1994’s Clerks. Jay and Silent Bob have appeared in movies, cartoons, television shows, comics, and a whole bunch of merchandise. Their crowning achievement is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, an entire movie about the duo. It’s time to add video games to that list.

Just announced today, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is in the works. That title seems extremely befitting. It’s a beat-’em-up in which Jay and Silent Bob try to find their trapped weed-buying customers in a humongous mall. According to the press release, this is a mall that has apartments, restaurants, and a hospital. Okay then.

The pedigree behind this combo-counting tag-teamer is Interabang Entertainment, the studio that made Super Comboman. It’s a Fig project, meaning that it’s crowdsourced and open to investors. Chronic Blunt Punch needs $400,000 to be funded. Its planned platforms are PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Snoogans.

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