China hates skeletons, demands World of Warcraft pwns bones

Usually, we here at Destructoid take game censorship very seriously. Sometimes, however, there are such hilariously pathetic examples of it that all one can do is laugh. China is about as ‘nanny state’ as you can get, but this is ridiculous. For some reason, Chinese authorities have decided that skeletons in World of Warcraft are a threat to their communist utopia and as such, issued a decree that all bones are to be covered with flesh. That’s right — skeletons with skins on, the ultimate paradox. Not only that, but corpses in the game are to be replaced with graves. This is because dead bodies in Warcraft are harmful to the minds of Asians … somehow. 

China’s führer — sorry, president — Hu Jintao claims that he wishes to “purify” the Internet in order to promote what he deems a “harmonious society.” Throwing terms like that around is pretty damn scary, but the worrying Big Brother ideals are somewhat undermined by the idea that this supposed purity and harmony is going to be achieved by hiding all the pretend skeletons on the internet. Naturally, WoW fans in China aren’t happy that their TORRID SKELETAL NUDITY is going to be taken away from them, but what can they do, short of getting out of that awful country? Remember the lesson to be gleaned from all this, kids: In China, the Internet really is serious business.

[Via Kotaku]

Jim Sterling