Check this app the next time you want to infuse something in Destiny

No regrets

The way item rank works in Destiny‘s Year Two edition is a bit different than it was in the past. Now, you can infuse items with higher rank gear to ascend their Light level, but the whole process can be confusing for casual players. In short, it doesn’t actually tell you the outcome, and it’s not a 1:1 process. For those of you out there who are hesitant to give up an item for infusion, this calculator should help you out, as it indicates exactly what rank your item will be after the process.

All in all I think the infusion system is a good step, but I wish Bungie would just implement a full-on glamour system. What’s the difference? Well, with glamour, you can generally change the appearance of a piece of equipment to anything — and in this case, you wouldn’t lose the piece of gear, and you could alter it to look like any rank, including blues and greens (which aren’t currently eligible for infusion).

[DIM v3.1.12] – NEW – Infusion Calculator [reddit]

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