Check out your new student Chisato Shinjo in this first trailer

Fall Lesson

Our first look at the girl-in-the-tower student DLC for Summer Lesson is here. Revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017, Chisato Shinjo seems interested in English decor and tea. I can’t help but think of Fiona from Shrek or Rapunzel from, well, Rapunzel. Thankfully she is neither an Ogre nor long-haired, but she is cute.

Along with Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep and Supermassive Games’ Inpatient, I tried to get my hands on this at TGS, but the VR section is basically a lottery. You stand in line for 1-2 hours and get a random game to play. Unfortunately I got No Heroes Allowed! (unrelated to No More Heroes), which frankly sucked. Still, every time I try VR I’m convinced it has a place in gaming as an improved way to experience games rather than it’s gimmicks or motion control collaboration.

Cory Arnold
Pretty cool dude in Japan. 6/9/68