Check out what I got in the mail yesterday

As a general rule, I don’t check for mail sent to my apartment. I’ve always kept my parent’s address as the location for any bills that I couldn’t have handled via e-mail (of which I have none at this point). Before living with someone who actually received correspondence from people, it was not unlikely for six months to pass before I bothered to check for anything.

Late last night, I was reminded of some mail on its way and dutifully trundled out to the mailbox to see if it had arrived when I came across this curious item. In a plain white envelope with a standard mailing label and no return address came the contents you see in the above photograph.

It was a little odd that I would get a brochure for a psychiatric hospital located in Michigan but I’ve had my share of strange things arrive in my mailbox. What first clued me in to some shenanigans being afoot was that the letter originated from Oregon and the return postcard was addressed to a PO Box in Texas.

So, I twittered about it and quickly discovered that I was not alone. Hamza had received the exact same letter and had thrown it out without a second thought. A quick Google search found that the fine folks at Giant Bomb have received it also. This is clearly viral marketing.

For what, exactly, I have no idea. I’m currently trying not to think about it lest it occupy all my time better spent on other things. But, hell, you guys obviously aren’t doing anything important right now. I’ve included some photos in the gallery below so you can check out the text and get started on the hunt (sorry, no scanner). What do you think it could all mean? 

Conrad Zimmerman