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mario strikers battle league full match video

Even digitally, I’ll still be picked last

We’re just under a month out from blowing the whistle on Nintendo’s incoming sports release Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, and Nintendo France has released a new video featuring an entire match pulled from the silly soccer sim, which launches on Nintendo Switch June 10.

Taking place at a stadium built within Bowser’s castle, the five-on-five action sees Mario, Toad, Peach, and Luigi take on an all-star team of Waluigi, Rosalina, Yoshi, and, of course, Big Bad Bowser himself. Home field advantage! Once the action gets underway, it looks like a solid bout of good, old-fashioned, knockabout fun, heralding Nintendo’s ability to squeeze the joy and excitement out of a sport without getting too dry and technical about it — ala Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.

We get to see some of Mario Strikers: Battle League‘s wacky mechanics in action, including dropkick tackles, electrified fences, on-pitch power-ups, and special skills such as Bowser’s spin attack and Mario’s devastating Captain special. Other highlights include Bowser channeling Diego Maradona for a “Hand of God” goal, some really smart set play from Team Mario, and Rosalina’s existence. The French commentator is great, and frankly should be included as an in-game option.

From this short match video, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is already looking to be a lot of fun, especially for parties of four. We’ll be sure to bring your word of the final product right here on Destructoid when it hits, June 10, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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