Check out Harley Quinn in this Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer

And it’s finally in our hands. Many moons ago, Eidos released a blockbuster Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer featuring the scantily clad villain, Harley Quinn. You can now view it after the break. If you’re an animated series purist, pop your knuckles and loosen your piss and vinegar typing fingers. Ms. Quinn looks a bit different.

But she won’t be acting diferent. It appears as if Quinn is taking the role of The Joker crony seriously. In the teaser trailer, you’ll see her freeing prisoners and eventually attacking Batman after a series of gymnastic flips. I’ll hold my wild guess as to who will win that epic confrontation.

Now to more pressing business. Listen, Harley. I know you’re reading this right now, so I wanted to take the opportunity to invite you to dinner providing you can do two things for me: drop the weirdo makeup and stop the whole “homicidal sideshow freak” thing you have going on. You can keep the psycho nurse uniform, though. Give me a ring.

Brad BradNicholson