Check out Balrog’s new Street Fighter HD crib

Once again, Capcom continues to tease us with in-game art for the upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. The game (which is looking to be incredible) is set to hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the near future, but we don’t know when. 

In the meantime, producer Rey Jimenez has revealed the first in-game background artwork image (not a screenshot) on the official Capcom blogs. Long time fans will recognize Balrog’s stage, and will likely notice that some changes have been made. Some elements of the stage have been update (cars, characters), and the name of the casino has been changed as well.

“As you know,” says Jiminez, “it used to be call the Golden Nugger. But as that is a real casino, I renamed it Crazy Buffalo in honor of one of Balrog’s moves.”

Wimps — what’s a law suit when it comes to authentic updates of classics? Jimenez also talks about an optional new mode which he’s calling “re-balanced mode,” but doesn’t go into any more details. Despite that, he’s asking readers to think of a more creative name for the new mode. Head over to Capcom’s blog to toss your suggestions into the hat. Mine? “Also, cocks-mode.”

[Thanks, SLiFE!]

Nick Chester