CES 2010: The Sound Egg looks like A Clockwork Orange

It’s kinda hard to imagine a time when egg-shaped chairs were thought to be fashionable. Harder still to imagine that the day might come again. At least back then you could blame the purchase on the quaaludes.

This Sound Egg chair from Acousticom is special, however, as it comes with a 5.1 surround sound system built in. With the interior walls covered in thick, acoustic isolation foam, I found the chair was actually pretty damn comfortable and the sound quality was highly impressive. Outside of the chair, you could barely tell it was on. Inside, I felt completely covered in sound, like somebody made a comforter out of the stuff. But at $1,450 I’m probably going to pass.

Now, can you design me a chair where I don’t look like I was stealing from Studio 54? That I would buy.

Conrad Zimmerman