CES 2009: Peavey’s custom-made Jimmy Buffet guitar peripheral looks like a shark

When it comes to gaming-related peripherals, the amount of fake-plastic instruments at this year’s CES was at an all time high. From guitars to the dozens of plastic drum varations, it all started to look the same after awhile. But one in particular caught our eye — there was one shaped like a damned shark. 

A custom guitar designed by Peavey especially for Jimmy Buffet, this weighty shark guitar was a full-sized instrument, compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Peavey had a copy of Rock Band 2 running on a monitor shoved into the back of a custom made “Margaritaville” golf cart. The whole is as ridiculous as I look in the video of me above, making an intentional d-bag of myself on the show floor. 

The wireless guitar had a decent feel, but the buttons were spaced further apart first-party Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers, so I had a bit of an issue adapting. I also noticed I missing a lot of notes, especially in hammer-on and pull-off situations, something I’ll blame on the guitars seeing three days of CES use. The strum bar was responsive as well, with a “click” feel similar to Activision’s peripherals.

One of these babies could run you anywhere from $150 to $200, depending on your specifications. These are made-to-order direct Peavey’s Web site, so if you’re looking for a good gift for the Destructoid staff, we’re sure they’d be more than happy to make one in the shape of a robot. I’m just saying.

Nick Chester