Celeste and TowerFall are currently five bucks on Switch

Celeste and TowerFall

I mean, get it if you don’t have it

Celeste quickly became one of the most relevant platformers in the past five years or so, and if you haven’t partaken yet, now is the time. Both Celeste and TowerFall are on sale for five bucks on the Switch eShop.

The news comes via Extremely OK Games (the creators behind both titles), and the interesting part of the announcement is that in addition to North America, it’s also on sale in Europe: including parts of Europe it’s never been on sale before in the past.

While TowerFall is easily better with local players behind it, Celeste is a must-buy in any context. Seriously, if you even remotely enjoy platformers, just get it for that price. It’ll last you through the weekend and then some, and odds are you’ll be thinking about it long after that. And even if you don’t normally like platformers or struggle with them, it has some extra options to tweak to make things a little more manageable.

You can find Celeste here on Switch, and TowerFall on sale here. The Switch is a great platform for both! Portability suits Celeste as it has echoes of a Game Boy title, and TowerFall, with its party atmosphere, makes sense for a Nintendo console.

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