CBS to broadcast WSVG events; ESPN to counter with Stuart Scott peeing on ducks

In what will no doubt be hailed as a huge step forward for the legitimization of gaming as an actual sport, the World Series of Video Games announced earlier today that they’ve entered into an agreement with CBS to televise four event recap sessions beginning this summer. Featured games will include Quake 4, Guitar Hero 2, and the World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade

While many may scoff at the athleticism involved in gaming, the let’s-bury-this-sh*t-in-the-middle-of-summer timeslot, or the fact that this isn’t a CSI spinoff, I’m sure tens of people will be eagerly glued to their televisions, cheering on that guy, the other one, and that dude with the hat.

[Via Kotaku, the winningest thoroughbred since Secretariat] 

Earnest Cavalli
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