Catch all the E3 2017 spectacle with our video walking tour

‘We walked by a dog shitting on the floor’

E3 was more crowded than ever this year with it being open to the public. If you didn’t shell out the cash to brave perpetually-under-construction downtown Los Angeles, that’s okay! I took some time from my packed schedule to do a full video tour. In fact I took multiple times, because sounds issues made the first one unusable. At least I had Skateallday101 give the back of my head an emergency line up the day before I flew out. I did not anticipate anyone having to look at it this much.

Kenny Redublo came out from behind the camera to help me with our shambling, already-exhausted play-by-play and the much taller Myles Cox managed an impressive piece of camera work, only running into two people, tops. If static images are your bag, we have a lil gallery, too.

Steven Hansen