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Gallery: Storm Troopers with boomboxes, dragons, and more randoms from E3

2017-06-18 20:45:00·  2 minute read   ·  Papa Niero

Nerdcore is the new norm

The thing I love most about E3 is the spectacle of it all. Videogame conventions surely started in awkward cavernous rooms lined with 8x10 tables, and now we have ten foot tall dragons front and center. Many booths this year had giant full-scale dragons (I counted four!) sprawled out between the backstage mullets and silk fern trees where the serious business happens. Hoping to capture the excitement of videogames by allowing actual screaming fans to stand in the same room as investors should be a healthy thing for the gaming industry.

E3 has undergone a lot changes to survive, and I'm really happy that more consumers can now sneak in there without pretending to be one of the gaming press in a robot helmet. It's still one of the most visually stunning conventions I've ever visited. Nothing this year quite topped the full-scale airship that Gran Blue Fantasy had at Tokyo Game Show, but walking through a recreation of New Donk City was worth the trip alone.

That said, I don't think the ESA were quite ready to host the new mix, as the lack of sidequests and other activities (PAX nails it) means most people stood idle for half of their visit. Hopefully they've taken an ocean notes on what it means to become a half-consumer show and give us a better showing next year. It was pretty, though. 


Completely unrelated, there were three guys dressed as Storm Troopers walking around the outside in the convention center with a boombox. That's one way to get an entourage.

More pictures in the gallery below:


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