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Castti Florenz Character Guide

The die is Castti

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Castti is the Apothecary of Octopath Traveler 2. She is one of the most well-rounded characters in the game, as she has access to adequate offense and defense. Need to hit a single foe hard? Castti can do it. Did a big enemy party appear? Castti can strike them all at once. Does someone need healing? Well, Castti wouldn’t be a good Apothecary if she couldn’t handle that too.

Castti is locked to using Axes, so she doesn’t quite rise to the power levels that more dedicated attackers do. Still, check out everything she is capable of below.

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Castti’s Path Actions and Talents

Castti’s primary Path Action is Inquire. This is the default method of getting information from NPCs, which can lead to hidden items or town-specific perks. As long as Castti meets a predetermined level requirement, Inquire will always succeed.

At night, Castti interestingly gets the ability to Soothe people in towns. Though this requires items to use, Soothe will instantly knock out an NPC and prevent them from blocking any paths. This is a great compliment to actions like Challenge or Provoke, since this achieves the same effect while completely circumventing combat.

Of all the talents in the game, Castti has one of the most unique ones in Concoct. If you played Octopath Traveler, this functions similarly to how Alfyn’s Concoct command worked. By combining ingredients in battle, you’ll be able to trigger a wide variety of curative and offensive abilities. If you have enough items in your inventory, Castti can fill almost any role with this Talent!

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Apothecary’s Job and Support Skills

Here are all the Job Skills Castti can acquire via her base Apothecary job. The last skill listed requires obtaining the other skills first.

Healing Touch: Restore HP to or revive a single ally.
Icicle: Deal ice-based damage to a single foe.
Rehabilitate: Grant a single ally immunity to status ailments for 2 turns.
Sweeping Cleave: Unleash an axe attack on all foes.
Poison Axe: Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe, and poison them for 2 turns.
Replenish Health: For 3 turns, grant HP to a single ally after they perform an action.
Weak to Poison: Make a single foe weak to poison for 2 turns.
[Divine Skill] Dohter’s Charity: Extend the reach of a single ally’s items to affect all for 3 turns.

Finally, here are the Support Skills for the Cleric job. These will unlock as you learn more Job Skills.

Vigorous Victor: Restores 30% of the equipping character’s max HP and SP upon winning the battle.
Hale and Hearty: Raises the equipping character’s max HP by 500.
Inspiriting Break: Restores the equipping character’s SP when breaking a foe.
Preventive Measures: Grants the equipping character immunity to enfeebling effects for 3 turns at the start of battle

Castti’s EX Skills

EX Skills are character-specific skills. One will be acquired by finding the Altar of the Charitable, the other will unlock after completing Castti’s story.

Remedy: Grant a random ally 3 positive status effects.
Drastic Measures: Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe and nullify their status ailments and enfeebling effects. The more you nullify, the more potent the attack.

If you’d like to read about Castti’s Latent Power, check out our dedicated guide here!

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