Castlevania film really coming, shooting soon

Whether or not the world needs a live-action Castlevania film is up for debate, but that doesn’t matter to producer Paul W.S. Anderson. In a recent interview, the director/producer told SCI FI Wire that the film’s script is nearly complete, and is expected to shoot in the next few months. 

Anderson, best known by gamers as “the dude who directed the Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil movies,” is currently directing Death Race, a remake of the 1975 cult classic, Death Race 3000. Castlevania is set to be directed by Sylvain White, and is currently being penned by Ian Jeffers.

What are the odds that they won’t screw this one up? There had better be a scene where someone finds a turkey in a wall somewhere and eats it. That’s all it will actually take to make me happy. How about you?

[Via 1UP]

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