The delightfully gooey Carrion comes glooping onto PS4 later this year

‘…And then it’s won’

As part of yesterday’s PlayStation Indies showcase, SIE and Devolver Digital revealed that the gruesome 2020 body-horror title Carrion will come crawling onto PS4 later in 2021, following on from its reign of terror on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch during the summer of 2020.

As a quick refresher, Carrion sees players take on the role of a disgusting, biohazardous mass that has broken free from its laboratory shackles and is now sloshing its way to freedom, devouring any and all who stand in its slime-ridden path. As the story progresses and our heroic mass evolves, new abilities and skills are unlocked with which to better traverse the environment, stealth through locations, and become one with the hapless cretins who believe they can stop you. Icky stuff.

Developed by Polish outfit Phobia Game Studios, Carrion won over an army of fans with its unique gameplay, darkly comic storytelling, and immediate similarities with classic horror movies such as The Blob and The Thing. Carrion also has one hell of a soundtrack, ably composed and performed by industry vet Cris Velasco. Anyone wanting to take a ride on the gooey side would do well to check Carrion out, either when this new PS4 port launches, or via its PC, Xbox One, and Switch edition. Who knows? It might make an entirely new person out of you.

Chris Moyse
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