Carmack willing to give Enemy Territory the Quake Live treatment

After talking extensively about the ads and stengths of the browser-based FPS Quake Live with CVG, John Carmack (co-founder, id) started talking about the implications Quake Live’s success could have on one of id’s other successes, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territories. Carmack was willing to say that if the Quake Live performed well and people were responsive to it, then tossing the fabled Wolfenstein game into a browser format wouldn’t be a bad direction to go in.

If [Quake Live] is successful, we’ve tossed around the idea of taking the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game (which was actually always more popular than Q3A in the online space) and doing a similar treatment on it with the experience we’ve gained here. But no effort will be spent on that until we know whether Quake Live was a brilliant idea or if it was a dumb move.

Despite my inability to get the twitches of Quake down enough to brave the browser version of the game, I am totally willing to embarrass myself in an Enemy Territory incarnation. This, of course, speaks of my inability to get anything Wolfenstein out of my head, but I also think that this is a nice extension of the new experience that Carmack wants to give to people who just want to play FPS games at work. Perhaps this means Commander Keen is next up if everything goes stupendously well.

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