Captain Spirit springs to life a day earlier than planned

Some superheroes wear capes

Those who are looking forward to the next semi-chapter in the Life is Strange canon have one fewer day to wait. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will now arrive next Monday instead of next Tuesday.

Developer Dontnod tweeted this image with the game’s global launch times:

Cool, June 25 instead of June 26. This free playable teaser for Life is Strange 2 will have hints as to the focus of the sequel while maintaining the series’ patented feel-bad charm. The kids aren’t alright.

Anyone wondering what to expect from Captain Spirit can take a gander at my preview from E3. Anyone looking for the definitive word can rest assured that we should have a proper review ready early next week. Or, anyone who just wants to make up their own dang mind can try it for themselves for free on June 25 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Brett Makedonski
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