Captain Obvious: Microsoft probably paid Bethesda for exclusive Fallout 3 DLC

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference a Bethesda rep announced that while Fallout 3 does have some sort of planned downloadable content, it will only be released for the PC and Xbox 360 versions — bumming out everyone that was planning on getting it for the PlayStation 3.

This news was mostly overlooked due to the deluge of announcements, trailers, and METALLICA! that immediately followed. It apparently caught the attention of one analyst — Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian — who felt the need to throw in his two cents on the scenario and state the blindingly obvious.

“…I think it’s a very good possibility that Microsoft and Bethesda were partners in this decision. Obviously Microsoft paid up to secure exclusive online content for GTA IV, and online is a cornerstone for Microsoft’s digital media strategy.”

You don’t say? Why else would Bethesda not release DLC on a platform after going to the trouble of making it — assuming they’re not completely against the idea of making more money?

Silly analyst, common sense is for kids!

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