Captain Obvious: Expect Spore delays

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Whether you fully realize it or not, Will Wright’s Spore is a highly ambitious project that for most of us who have seen and heard it on several occasions, think it may never even see the light of day because it’s so out there. You know we all want it and you know we’ll all do whatever it takes to get our hands on it, but the sad thing is, even though it’s been delayed (sort of, no official release date has ever been announced), we can now most certainly expect even more delays. From the AP via 1UP:

No one expects Will Wright and his crew at Electronic Arts to rush Spore — the very nature of his epic simulator means delays are expected. The ambition behind Wright’s creation seems recognized by EA, too, as they announced today they expected Spore may miss their fiscal 2008 calendar year, which ends in March 2008, reports the Associated Press. 

I agree, I don’t want this thing rushed, but damn, this is wait is killing me. How about you? 

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