Capcom trademarks Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

Hopefully not another light gun game

Hold on a sec: Wouldn’t a Resident Evil game called Umbrella Corpse be the most exciting thing to happen to the series since Resident Evil 4? You can have that one for free, Capcom. (Kidding, pay me.)

Capcom has trademarked “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps” in Europe and Japan. It was initially spotted as just “Umbrella Corps,” signalling spin-off, but DualShockers spotted it trademarked in Japan as, “Biohazard Umbrella Corps” (Biohazard being the series’ original name in Japan). The latter could still be a spinoff, obviously, and registration under additional platforms, like “portable consoles with LCD screens,” “TV Home Consoles” and Mobile could complicate things (unless that’s just a bases covering move).

We are obviously a way’s away from the sales failure that is Resident Evil 6 at this point, though. Resident Evil 7 should happen soon, unless all the HD remakes and offbrand Resident Evil Revelations 2 means Capcom just has cold feet about the series.

It was four years between Resident Evil 4 and the awful Resident Evil 5, likely accounting for a new console generation of tech and a general lack of ideas, and three years between RE5 and RE6. It’s now been almost three years since RE6 without word of a follow up.

Capcom Registers Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Trademark in Japan [DualShockers]

Steven Hansen