Capcom shares scrapped ideas for Resident Evil 2

First-person mode, a fixed camera, and a freaky new enemy

Continuing the Resident Evil 2 developer roundtable discussion, Capcom has shared more insight into the remake’s production. This time, they’re talking heated discussions, Easter eggs, and cut content.

On the former topic, the artists were at one point envisioning a more military-themed aesthetic for the Tyrant, but they eventually settled into a look more befitting a city environment. Thank goodness!

Resident Evil 2 early Tyrant design

An unsettling new “jump-scare” enemy type, the “Condemned,” was also explored. It would’ve tied into the remake’s orphanage, but the idea never progressed beyond temp design and animation.

Resident Evil 2 cut content - new enemy type

Resident Evil 2 cut content - orphanage cages

Resident Evil 2 cut content - Condemned enemy

Resident Evil 2 cut content - Condemned face up close

Beyond that, there was once a rough concept for a driving sequence (“We all thought: Why don’t you just drive off?”) and a scenario with cable cars descending from the mountains.

Resident Evil 2 cut content - above-ground cable car

Resident Evil 2 cut content - mountain cable car

Capcom also toyed with first-person for Resident Evil 2 and using a fixed-camera perspective more in line with the original 1998 release. As the team explained over dinner, “We were thinking of the fixed camera as a sales point, but [over-the-shoulder] was great, so we thought we didn’t need two types.”

Resident Evil 2 cut content - first-person mode

Resident Evil 2 cut content - fixed camera

Other scrapped ideas include a more fleshed-out sequence with the alligator that involved a crane and a more elaborate G2 fight with “breaking pillars, electrocuting, and so on.” Both were simplified.

Resident Evil 2 alligator concept art

Resident Evil 2 cut content - alligator boss stage

If there’s one main takeaway from the team, it’s this: “With over three and a half years on this game, I think the good part was that we tried the ideas instead of just brainstorming them. All of them.” Assuming the next Resident Evil game is given that much breathing room, the future is looking bright.

As teased at the end of the discussion, the next roundtable video is going to bring Resident Evil 2 (1998) director and Platinum Games co-founder Hideki Kamiya into the fold. That’s gonna be a blast.

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