Capcom says dozens of titles on the way to PSN soon

I love my PS3, and I often spend time digging through the PSN store looking at a bunch of stuff I’ve already seen and kind of hoping I’ll find something new there I want to play. It’s like the thing where you’re hungry and you keep going to look in the refrigerator even though you know there’s nothing good in there — some sort of unexplainable blind hope drives you.

CVG reports that my problem could be at an end very soon, though: Capcom has announced they will bring 20-40 titles to PSN in the next few months, offering a mix of classic PS One games and PSP rereleases which can be directly downloaded. Street Fighter and Resident Evil were both mentioned, so it’s a sure thing you’ll see some of those games coming your way.

Capcom’s Chris Kramer also mentioned the possibility of a vote on Capcom Unity to see what games fans wanted most. You might want to keep an eye on them if you’re interested in participating in this possible voting process. More Resident Evil, please!

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