Capcom fixed the Resident Evil Resistance beta on PS4 and PC

Something to tide you over until Resident Evil 3

After technical woes messed with the schedule last week, Capcom has patched up the Resident Evil Resistance open beta. You can get back in there and try the survivor-versus-mastermind multiplayer game on PlayStation 4 and PC once you’ve updated to version 1.01. The Xbox One version works too.

I know I wasn’t keen on this pack-in game – I called it a hot mess in my impressions piece based on the launch version – but if you’re counting the hours until Resident Evil 3 goes live, I would play some Resident Evil Resistance. Now’s the time to check it out before you’re preoccupied and never look back.

A few basic pointers to make your early matches less frustrating:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, skip the tutorials. Your teammates will hate you!
  • Pick up Umbrella Credits even if you’re fine on ammo and weapons. It’ll help your squad.
  • Check out your survivor’s abilities before you’re in a match, if you can. Once a match starts, Resistance won’t give you any breathing room. It’s nonstop until you finish all three rounds or lose. Also make sure someone picks Valerie for her healing.
  • Consult the map. Unless I’m firing, I frequently play with the map overlay up.
  • Don’t try to fight Mr. X. Run like hell until the mastermind’s bioweapon timer runs out.
  • If you’re the mastermind player, lock doors as much as possible. (They run on a cooldown.) Doors are easy to neglect in all the chaos and they can really help you bottleneck the survivors before they gain too much momentum.

One last thing: If the shooting and movement mechanics feel funky, it’s not just you.

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