Capcom could be hinting at a possible Mega Man X9

Based on new info and a past history of revival teases

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtracks are already hitting Japanese shelves, and based on a bit of info from the pack-in booklet it could be hinting at something greater than a pair of compliations.

Simply put, the book states, after the entry for Mega Man X8 (the last iteration of the X series) — “the story of X’s fight is not yet over.” As Rockman Corner points out that sort of mysterious phrasing was also in a 20th anniversary book (“the legend is not yet complete”).

There’s also something else to consider. Tucked away in the gallery section of the other Mega Man Legacy Collection series was a piece of concept art for Mega Man 11 — before it was announced. Some people brushed it off as an innocuous unused idea until it was fully shown off in the debut trailer for 11. Capcom seems to be firing on all cylinders bringing Mega Man back into the fray and I think they’re going to strike while the iron is hot.

Simultaneously reviving Mega Man Classic and X? That would be insane.

Guutara [Twitter via Rockman Corner]

Chris Carter
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