Capcom celebrates Dragon’s Dogma 10th anniversary with…a website and not a game

Dragon's Dogma 10th anniversary

It’s time for the annual “where’s the sequel?” chant

The Dragon’s Dogma 10th anniversary is underway, and Capcom is celebrating it with (!)…a website dedicated to the series. It’s one of the most Capcom things we’ll see all week!

Amid a historical breakdown of the several projects that the franchise has produced, we get a short message from the game’s legendary director Hideaki Itsuno (who is still at Capcom, and still wants to make a sequel):

Dragon’s Dogma, first released in 2012, is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Thank you, Arisen, for taking up arms and braving through the impossible challenges laid ahead of you. We are forever grateful for your support throughout the years and hope you will join us in this momentous celebration of Dragon’s Dogma!”

As a reminder, Dragon’s Dogma launched in 2012, and was eventually awarded an expansion-re-release of sorts with Dark Arisen. In 2015, Dragon’s Dogma Online was released exclusively in Japan, which didn’t help keep up the series’ cachet worldwide. In 2020, an anime adaptation debuted on Netflix. We’re still waiting for a cold hard sequel or a true follow-up.

Hopefully, this Dragon’s Dogma 10th anniversary website is the start of that campaign. While the art is lovely, the site isn’t too much to look at currently. Out of the six “historical bullet points,” three of them are for ports of Dark Arisen on various platforms.

Still, sequel-begging aside, this series deserves to be celebrated in some fashion, and if this is all we’re getting, at least it’s something.

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