Capcom aims for 80 percent of sales to come from the West

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Forget yen. Capcom wants dollars and euros instead. They’ve set a new sales goal, hoping to shift most of their sales to the West.

According to, Capcom has sold 53 percent of all its games in Japan up until now. This new shift in focus would have them selling 50 percent to North America and another 30 percent to Europe, leaving the other 20 percent for Japan. 

“We will continue to pursue further growth overseas while implementing aggressive measures such as strengthening the sales capabilities of our overseas subsidiaries and improving our product line-up targeting the overseas market,” noted Capcom in its annual report.

Here’s some of their new ass-kicking plans in bullet points:

  • Switch to direct-sale in France and Spain
  • Release more sports titles to appeal to casual market
  • Increase mobile game offerings
  • Increase PC game offerings
  • All major titles will be developed for multi-platform release

Finally, here’s a plan that will be of great interest to you all: Capcom plans to release 78 new titles over the next fiscal year. They’re not f*cking around, are they?

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