Capcom advocates piracy with upcoming Age of Booty Avatars

Capcom will be bringing its own set of clothes to Xbox 360 Avatars, introducing pirate-themed togs to tie in with downloadable title Age of Booty. Daryl has made the reveal over at Capcom’s blog, stating that March 25 will be the day.

If you love Age of Booty, or simply awaited the day you can finally make your Avatar look like something that isn’t Charlie Brown’s gay nephew, this is for you. Capcom hasn’t stated anything about a price, so hopefully this lot will be free like other Avatar clothes have been so far. 

I keep waiting for Microsoft to start making money out of Avatars, actually. We all know it’s going to happen, it’s just a case of “when.” Waiting for what will undoubtedly be bullsh*t makes it all the worse.

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