Can’t get into GDC? Xbox Live has you covered

The 2008 Game Developer’s Conference is rumored to be packed with delicious tidbits of gaming news and announcements, and it seems like this once sleepy industry event has become the hot ticket in the gaming world. GDC knows whats up, and now they’ve got sh*t on lockdown this year. Seriously, I bet they’ll use FBI background checks and retinal eye scanners next year for verification on us.

While it may be hard to get it, it won’t be hard to see what’s going on behind closed doors, as Microsoft aims to bring coverage of the show to Xbox Live users starting Feburary 20th. Conference coverage, breaking news, and even John Schappert’s (corporate Vice President) keynote will be beamed to your Xbox 360 via the inter-nests.

They promise downloads for video, demos, screenshots, interviews, and more. We’d rather you come to Destructoid to see our coverage of GDC 2008, but we won’t mind if you take a quick peek at Microsoft’s coverage — though I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be a good source for PlayStation 3 news.

We’ll be there in San Francisco all next week (February 18-22), attempting to give you proper show coverage while fending off dirty looks, getting into trouble, and attempting to keep Ron sober. 

Dale North