Can you skip cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Sure can!

Hogwarts Legacy has some lengthy cutscenes, full of voice acting (and some famous faces mixed in too). But for those of you who have already played through the game, or just plain don’t want to interact with the story: there’s hope! Unlike some other AAA games at launch, Hogwarts Legacy does allow players to skip cutscenes. And it’s a pretty simple process!

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How to skip cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy

To skip cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll just press the Triangle button on PlayStation (Y on Xbox, or right-click on PC) while a cutscene is playing. Most core cutscenes can be skipped, you just need to press any button to have the prompt appear, then press and hold on the appropriate button for your hardware. You can do this as soon as the intro cutscene plays, after you have tweaked your accessibility settings and your performance mode of choice: following your acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Not every cutscene can be skipped, because they’ll operate within the confines of gameplay. One example is a scene in a cave that plays out shortly after the game’s series of intros: which also functions as a tutorial for drinking health potions, and looking/moving around. In those cases, a prompt won’t appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen telling you that you can skip said scene: so keep that in mind. No amount of mashing will make it happen!

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