Can you play Roblox games on a Nintendo Switch? – Answered

It’s just on PC, iOS/Android, and Xbox One as of 2023 – As the kids say – “Oof”

Roblox and Nintendo Switch seem like a good fit, right?! I mean the system already has Minecraft, and Roblox‘s visuals do have a Nintendo-like quality to them to some degree, particularly when it comes to the default bright color scheme. But despite that on-paper match, Roblox is not available on Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a brief timeline of Roblox‘s release platforms

Originally, Roblox (formerly known as DynaBlocks) came out in late 2006 on PC, before heading to iOS six years later. The Android version launched in mid-2014, and an Xbox One edition swiftly followed in late 2015.

The big platforms currently left out of the party are PS5 and Switch.

Will Roblox ever come to Nintendo Switch?

Given that the last release of Roblox was in 2015, the chances of Roblox coming to Nintendo Switch are becoming increasingly slim.

It’s entirely likely that Roblox, if it continues its microtransaction-centered world domination, could come to other platforms in the future, including PS5. But if Roblox Corporation continues down this path, they’ll focus on PC and iOS first and foremost: potentially branching out to whatever Nintendo’s next “Switch Pro” type system might be.

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