Can you play Fall Guys splitscreen?

Two players joining the chaos?

Can you play Fall Guys splitscreen

Fall Guys splitscreen functionality would be perfect. You can see your friends tumble and you’ll laugh as you qualify. The feature has been requested for a while now. Here’s what we know about a Fall Guys splitscreen mode.

Is there a Fall Guys splitscreen mode?

Unfortunately, there is no Fall Guys splitscreen mode in the game right now. It still strictly supports one person per platform.

The silver lining is that Fall Guys is available on almost every modern platform out there, and there’s crossplay between all versions. Your brother could play Fall Guys on a Nintendo Switch next to you while you parade around as Lara Croft’s bean on the PS5 version.

Gang Beasts is a silly alternative to Fall Guys
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Other co-op and multiplayer games you should try

If you want to play a fun couch co-op game, there are a few options for you. If you’re a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there’s a wicked beat-em-up called Shredder’s Revenge. It has a neat retro art style, upbeat music, and a bunch of attacks at your disposal.

Missing the funny slapstick comedy of Fall Guys, however? You can try out Gang Beasts. It’s not a co-op game, but you’re stumbling around multiple arenas, trying to throw other competitors off the stage. The jelly-like physics are hilarious, and I swear you’ll get a laugh from it.

Finally, you should look into trying It Takes Two. It’s a purely splitscreen co-op platforming adventure. Each level constantly switches up the formula with new mechanics, and the game looks absolutely beautiful. Plus, only one person needs to buy the game for both of you to play It Takes Two.

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