Can you Breed Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

The greatest paradox of them all

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From day one of the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Paradox Pokemon was the game’s biggest mystery. Who were these strange Pokemon, and why do they have such off-putting names?

NOTE: Paradox Pokemon are connected to major story events in Scarlet & Violet. You will find minor story spoilers below.

We’ve talked about Paradox Pokemon a bit before. Regardless, those who are in the endgame of Scarlet & Violet know that each game has seven unique Paradox Pokemon (eight if you count Legendary Pokemon). Naturally, you’ll want to trade Paradox Pokemon across versions of the game. Your first thought might be to breed your Paradox Pokemon to trade, but unfortunately, you’d be out of luck.

Paradox Pokemon are incapable of breeding. These Pokemon are considered like Ultra Beasts from Pokemon Sun & Moon. That means they have high stats, non-specified genders, and are incapable of breeding. If you want multiple Paradox Pokemon, you’ll have to reenter The Great Crater of Paldea and hunt them individually. On the bright side, you may wind up finding a Pokemon holding a rare Booster Energy held item during this process.

Remember, you don’t need to store a Pokemon in your PC to keep its Pokedex entry. If you’re just trying to catch ‘em all, you can trade away the Paradox Pokemon you own and worry about finding another copy later. Alternatively, you can trade them back and forth between friends for the sole purpose of completing your Pokedex. There is a faint possibility that Paradox Pokemon will appear in Tera Raid battles in the future. That said, until there is an official announcement, don’t count on them showing up this way.

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